Shoreham Football Academy (SFA) is supported by Shoreham Football Club to bring young players through the ranks of youth football and give potential players the pathway to a high level opportunity of non-league football and beyond.

SFA is a football coaching route to Shoreham FC which provides a safe and friendly environment where children of ages 4-14 can learn and develop from our high-level and experienced coaches.

We feel that there are parents who are keen for their children to progress as players, yet aren’t necessarily getting the chance to improve, as good coaching is hard to find. We intend to look at all aspects of the players game and report back on the areas that we feel need to be improved

We also believe there is a wealth of talent throughout the ages of players in our area. Sometimes the players haven’t had the opportunity to play with the best boys or learn new training ideas, yet given the opportunity they will play to their full potential.

​Our Passion

We at SFA live and breathe 24/7 the development of youth football

​Our Goal

To introduce young children as young as 4 years of age to football and all the positives it brings. To provide a pathway to a final destination of playing adult football at the highest non-league level and beyond. You can start at 4 years old and potentially progress through our footballing programme to playing for Shoreham FCs senior side and The FA Cup and FA Vase

Our Player Programme/Development

We provide regular feedback on the progression of every child. A dedicated and unique individual player report.

This report will highlight the areas of progression and what needs to be worked on so the child can work on what’s needed to reach their potential

Mixing with the best

We will regularly arrange matches with other academies, Isthmian league and pro-teams to allow our players to mix with the best which will help with development and player progression

Get In Touch

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