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Frequently asked questions

​When does the JPL season start?
2019 Season starts in September 2019

When and where are the matches?
All JPL matches are held on a Saturdays, across the South

How often does the team train?
The training is part of our academy

Can my child still play for their local Sunday club?
Yes, absolutely! We do not want to take players away from the grassroots clubs. We are looking to improve players for their Sunday teams while gaining great experience and allowing them to develop

​If my child joins the academy do they automatically get picked for the JPL?
No. Your child joins the academy to receive expert training and matches with other academies and improve their game. The JPL is completely separate and free (apart from £10 league reg fee) from the academy and your child will get chosen to play based on ability and improvement with their game while being trained in the academy. Click on the link below to see what can happen if you get chosen to play in the JPL (See article “Shoreham Football Academy Starts Producing Talent!” Talent spotted

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