We believe that when you choose a soccer academy for your child you need to make sure that everything is covered legally and to FA standards.

Before you sign up to any academy you want to make sure that all your questions can be answered and confirmation on the following:

  • Is the soccer academy that you areĀ  looking to join insured via an FA certified body?
  • Have all the coaches in the academy that you areĀ  looking to join got- FA coaching badges? Safe Guarding? CRB approval? FA First Aid Qualifications?
  • Does the soccer school have a qualified FA Child Welfare Officer?
  • Does the site that your child trains at have a defibrillator and first aid equipment. Some soccer coaching is done in a local park that may not have these kinds of emergency facilities

You would be amazed that some soccer academies have none of the above and there for you need to think is this the right academy for your child?

Here at SFA we cover all of the above and more. If you need further confirmation just please ask our head coach and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A lot of the above points are covered in our documents section.